martes, 5 de agosto de 2014

Syndra Atlantean


Paper and red pencil.
Around 2 hours.

Get Jinxed-Jinx Sketch

Jinx, from League of Legends.

Red pencil and paper.
Around 3 hours.

My last sketch, I really love her face...It's so Jinx <3.

I decided to re-open my old blog because I want to share my art with you, guys.
I hope you like it and enjoy with me.


miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013


So much time I didn't submit nothing here but sadly I haven't so much time with my new art school.
I'm so happy because I'm making something that I really love but...I haven't time for drawing (and this makes me sad ;3;).
Anyway, this is my lasted league of legends fan art, Morgana.
I really love this skin and I want to made a good fan art, this is the result haha
After 4 months of work!

Hope you like it!

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Asian Girl WIP

Watercolors, pencil and color pencils.

Another WIP from another drawing.
I'm trying to make some new stuff (not only school works u_u)
So..Here's my new little girl ♥


Otro WIP de otro nuevo dibujo.
Estoy intentando hacer algunos dibujos nuevo ( No solo los trabajos de clase)

sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

Vincet Valentine

Vincent is done..and I'm done too.
Oh my God, I love the result ♥
Do you like it?

Vincent esta terminado..y yo me he muerto.
Oh dios, me encanta el resultado
¿Os gusta?

viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

Vincent Valentine WIP

New fan art is coming!
Vincent was always my favorite FFVII character so I decided to made this fan art.
It's one of my first times using pens for drawing... It's horrible xDU
But anyway I love the result.
I hope you like it!


Un nuevo fan art esta por llegar.
Vincent siempre fué uno de mis personajes favoritos de FFVII así que decidí hacer este fan art.
Es de las primeras veces que uso boligrafos para dibujar... y es horrible.
Igualmente, me gusta bastante el resultado ( al menos hasta ahora.)
Espero que os guste también a vosotros!